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Seedling Sole

Carbon Clear Living Slippers

Carbon Clear Living Slippers

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Drop ‘em where you stand … these slippers will simply decompose when you are done with them - your luxury doesn’t need to be hard our planet. 

Seedling Sole are natural, plant-based and 100% biodegradable slippers that can be worn with pleasure, and thoughtfully discarded afterwards into the compost where they will leave no harmful trace and completely decompose. The upper of the slipper is crafted from unbleached linen, with flax padding and a sustainable sole for a soft and flexible feel. These all-natural materials use little water to grow and require zero pesticides.

With a luxurious and organic feel, our hope is that the Seedling Sole will be seen as a beautiful keepsake that’s taken home and worn as a memory of your stay.

One size: 29cm

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